KLOVE - Christian Music played across the country and on the internet

89.5 WQRP - Local Christian music station

Selmer - Home of Selmer musical instruments, one of my preferred brands of sax

Cool Christian Sites

Christian Book - Online bookstore with lots of good stuff

Bible Gateway - Online bible with different translations and paraphrases as well as links to other resources

Two Paths - More resources, a weekly crossword, and a weekly bible quiz

Walk to Emmaus - Official information from the Upper Room

Answers In Genesis - A Christian ministry that seeks to share the truths of God's Word from the very first verse with lots of information

My Utmost for His Highest - Daily devotionals written by Oswald Chambers

Star Wars

Official Star Wars Home Page - Official source for Star Wars information

Pax Romana - The guild I belonged to within Star Wars Galaxies MMORG

Troops - A hilarious parody of Cops and Star Wars


Puterbaugh Home Page - Lots of Puterbaugh (or Puderbaugh) information

Bennett Central - AJ's sister's family has a web site too